Custom Postage FAQs

What is custom postage?

Custom postage is personalized postage, on which you can put photos, artwork, or sayings. You create it on your computer, then upload it to a company that creates actual postage and mails it to you for your use. The postage can be purchased in a variety of denominations. The best-known company that is providing this service is

Is it real, legal postage?

Yes, it is real and legal. The postage is US Postal Service – approved, and it is evaluated by the companies that provide the service. Naturally, some restrictions apply regarding copyright and good taste.

What can I put on custom postage?

You can put any image that you have the legal right to use, provided it is not obscene, vulgar, political, objectionable, or a picture of someone famous. Anything copyrighted by someone else, or trademarked, isn’t available for your use.

That leaves you lots of great subjects. Some of the most popular pictures used for customizing are children, pets, vacations, weddings, and nature.

How do I do this?

Just go to and follow their 1-2-3 steps. First, you select an image from your computer and upload it. Next, you can modify it as you wish, using their easy interface, which allows you to add a colored border and modify the image. Last, you just choose what denominations you want, and pay with a secure credit card order form. Within a few days, your postage is mailed to you. There are some other companies that offer this service too, and they are listed in our Buy Stamps Online category.

What size are they?

The image will be 1.1 inches square, and the whole thing will be 1.9 inches wide and 1.4 inches high. That’s at; I didn’t check anyplace else.

How fast can I get it? offers different choices. Normally they ship in three to five working days, though it might take longer during the busy pre-Christmas season. You can also choose faster service, and you have your choice of standard, priority, or express mailing via the US Postal Service.

What does it cost?

Prices depend on which denominations you choose, and there are price breaks for quantity discounts. It does cost more than that ordinary postage you get at the post office, of course, but then you are getting a rare item!

Is custom postage available in countries other than the United States?

Canada Post has a similar program, as do Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. I didn’t research beyond English-speaking countries.

How many stamps have been sold through this program at

Over twenty-one million and rising!

What about business uses?

Businesses find that using their logo is good for special mailings. has some other good offers for business too.

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