I did have to laugh at the idea of saving half a million bucks on print and postage, but then I don’t move in that kind of circle. I’m more of a small-business person. But the point in the article I link to below is well taken, that planning can result in significant savings. See other articles here on this site for more details about how you can save by using stamps.com

Digital migration: You could be saving with print & postage …

“Do you know exactly what your company’s targets are for print and postage savings over the next two years? Not having targets could be costing you a fortune.www.striata.com/…/digital-migration-you-could-be-saving-50…”


And just for a little perpective, here is an 1870 postage stamp. Nice looking, isn’t it? But one cent won’t do much shipping nowadays!

print postage

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