You have a handful of mail. Let’s guess that most of it is junk mail, if your life is anything like mine. After you get rid of the junk mail, you still have a couple of envelopes. Let’s see, there is a phone bill. The other thing looks like it has your college roommate’s handwriting on it. You wonder if she had her baby yet. You’ve been out of touch so she wouldn’t necessarily call you or even email you, specially not with a new baby to keep her busy.

You glance at the envelope again. Wow, what is that postage stamp? Looks like a mother and a new baby. Gee, it really looks like your old roomie! How strange is that! You tear open the envelope, carefully not tearing that stamp, and sure enough the baby has arrived and everyone is fine. And your old roomie explains how she came to be on the personalized postage.

Well, if you have looked around this website at all, you know that personalized postage is a new trend growing in popularity. People love the reactions they get from others when they use it. Yes, it does cost a little more than regular ol’ postage, but look what you are getting, a rare edition, so to speak!

If you have some reason to stand out sometime, do think of using this special customized postage. Of course, it doesn’t need to be used just for children. Your artwork, your dog, your vacation trip to exotic locales, all are potential personalized postage!

Custom Postage from Photos