Photographers, what do you do with all those great photos you take? Most people end up not doing as much as they would like to. Sure, you can put your favorites on Facebook if you are into that. You can print out your favorites and put them up on the walls. You could use a digital photo display, or even put the photos on clothing or mugs. But have you heard of photo postage? It’s also called custom postage, and here is what you do:

You select one or more of your photos that you think would make a good image on postage. It could be a simple scenery shot, someone’s face, a couple of faces, a hot rod…. the possibilities are endless. It does have to be something you have the right to use, and it can’t be of famous people. There are a few other restrictions, but basically most of the photos you take would likely qualify. You don’t have to edit the photos for size, unless you want to, but you could fix any red eye if you wanted to.

So then you upload the photo to a website that will walk you through the process. To get there from here, just click on the image above this text or to the left. Once you have uploaded the photo, you can design what you want your photo postage to look like. There are a variety of borders to choose from, for example, and with different colors. If you don’t like what you have done, just upload another image. You can see a few that I did on the very top of this page.

Once you are pleased with your design, you just select the kind of postage you want–that is, what denomination–and you pay with a credit card typically. Then wait a little, not too much, for your postage to arrive in the mail!

Custom Postage from Photos