If you print postage at home or at work, you can save a lot of time. But how do you do this?

It’s quite simple, really. You sign up with a website where you get some supplies and create an account. They offer a 4-week trial, as you can see here:

When you have packages or letters ready to get their postage, you just weigh them and use some software that comes with the setup. It runs on Windows, whether a Windows computer or a Mac running Windows in emulation mode.

This enables you to pull names and addresses out of Outlook or other software, and print the mailing labels.

A big time saver is that you don’t have to take your mail to the post office–you can just give it to the person who delivers mail to your house or office. And if you do want to drop the mail off at the post office, no need to stand in line. You can just give it to the counter person.

This program can be used to mail letters or packages, or postcards for that matter, worldwide.

They say time is money! If so, save both!

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