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Would you like to save time and save money for your business, or the business you work for? (It can be done personally too, but it’s rarer that a family does enough mailing to make it worthwhile.) Did you know that you can print postage from your computer? You can use a Windows computer or a Mac that can emulate Windows. Through a groundbreaking program, you can do this.  Just think of all those long lines at the post office that you will be able to avoid!

It works like this: you go online and using software that is provided to you when you join the program, you can print postage that you then attach to your postcard, letter. or package. You can use either a laser or an inkjet printer.  You can dress up the appearance with your logo if you wish. With the software, you can see the costs of sending something via different methods — for example, priority mail or first class — and then decide what to do.

You are even eligible for discounts that you cannot get at the post office directly or by using a traditional postage meter.

You can type in the name and address where you want the package to go, or you can choose it from Quickbooks, Outlook, or other popular address information software. Your recipient can be anyplace in the world, not just in the United States.

After it’s ready, you can give the mail to whoever delivers the mail when they come. Alternatively, you can arrange for the U.S. Postal Service to pick it up or you can go by the post office to leave the mail WITHOUT having to stand in line!

Of course, there is tracking and you can check your history.

Some Benefits of Printing Your Own Postage

Not only does printing your own postage save you time because you aren’t finding parking places and standing in lines at the post office, it also means you can prepare your mailings at any time of day or night, any day of the week.

It means you can focus on the important things, knowing that your postage needs are easily handled.

It also means your accounting will be simpler, as you will just have a monthly charge on a credit card. No more keeping track of lots of little receipts or checkbook entries. (Been there, done that. No more!) Speaking of the financial side, there is a moderate monthly fee for the service, up to 80% less than using a traditional postage meter, and the cost of the actual postage you use has no added charges.

No wonder that more and more people are switching to printing their own postage; the ease and convenience can’t be beat.

When is it a good idea to print postage? That is, under what circumstances should you consider getting yourself set up so you can print postage from your own computer and printer?

  • This is excellent for businesses large and small, including home-based businesses who ship products. I wish we had had it during the years we were shipping products several days a week.
  • Some people or families would also find it useful personally. These would be people who use more postage than just paying a bill or sending Grandma a birthday card.

Very useful, isn’t it? Take a look to find out more… and do notice the 4-week trial, so you can figure out if it suits your needs.

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