It is a lot of fun to use wedding stamps. If you are planning your wedding, whether or not you are using a wedding planner, be sure to inject as much fun into the whole process as you can! That will make the more routine parts go by more easily too.

Wedding stamps add a really nice note to any mailings that you do related to your wedding. Probably the main uses are for wedding invitations and for after-the-fact thank-you notes. These could be two different ones, since you could use an actual photo of the wedding on the thank you’s. You can order this postage to come quickly.

There are a variety of other ways you could use custom wedding stamps at the time of a wedding. Having any parties beforehand, just for guys or just for gals? Or if you want the people to RSVP whether they are coming to the big event, include an RSVP card and envelope in your invitation and have the wedding stamp you designed on the RSVP envelope. You can probably think of other uses too.

To find out more about making this unique postage, click on the image. By the way, it is quick and easy to do!

Once you get to the new site that this image takes you to, notice that one of the choices on the top menu bar is “wedding advisor.” That should give you some more good ideas! And have a great wedding!

Custom Postage from Photos