What Is Custom Postage?

Custom postage consists of postage which you can design yourself.

If you haven’t heard of designing your own postage, you’re not alone, as these things have only existed for a few years. Still, millions of them have already gone through the mail. Because so many people still haven’t seen customized postage, they do tend to draw attention. People love them!

Here’s how customized postage works: You create a graphics file from a photo or artwork, which can be done whether you are on a Windows or Macintosh computer. Photos from digital cameras are already in the right format, and our Custom Postage Tips section (the link is on the left sidebar) tells more about how to do the whole process. Next, you upload the graphics file.

It doesn’t matter what size or resolution your photo is; they will adjust it. (There are other sites that do this but my experience so far has been so good with this company, the market leaders, that I haven’t explored any others so far.) Then you can order your postage from the site, typically paying with a credit card. They manufacture them and mail them to you. They typically ship within a few working days, and faster delivery is available too. Reordering is simpler, as you can keep your designs on file.

There are some restrictions on what can appear on custom postage… nothing political or controversial, no famous people. Pets and family members seem to be the most popular subjects, along with nature and travel photos. Businesses are putting logos or other designs on them and using them for special projects.

Customized postage like this is a new art form, growing out the ever-increasing popularity of digital cameras and software to manipulate images.

Do look around this website for more ideas about how to use personalized postage. Whether it’s for weddings, showcasing your kids or pets, or a special business use, you’ll find a lot of ideas you can adapt. If you are thinking of a particular topic, type it in the search box in the left sidebar of every page.

Designing custom postage gives you a chance to be creative and share your creativity with others. And isn’t that fun?

Custom Postage from Photos

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